Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Roller skating fun!

We found this fun place that has homeschool rollerskating for $5 per person, if you rent skates, $2 if you bring your own! 

The place was pretty deserted when we arrived at 1 pm.  There were 2 other families skating, 6 kids plus my 4 kiddoes.
David loves roller skating and can skate with just about any kind of skates. He wears a pair of size 12 skates at home. So when you put a regular fitting size on his feet, he flies.

Lee and Elizabeth had some pretty good races too. 

Big brother offers some advice...
Fayth had never skated before. She wanted to try quads instead of inlines. I tried to help her get started, but honestly all I could do was giggle at the poor child. Her feet would fly in every direction! It was the most hilarious thing. She would put her feet down, hold on to my arm and suddenly those feet where flying every which way. I was supposed to be holding her up, but was in a fit of giggles. It was like watching a cartoon character!  So we got a skate support. This little pvc pipe thingy did not laugh at her and it gave her confidence.

She preserved and did not give up. By the end of the 2 hours, she was skating quite confidently! I was very proud of her!

Two very tired boys.. They had so much fun!

We will def be going back to skate again. We met some wonderful new homeschooling friends too! What a fun way to get P.E! Yes  I skated too! I had not been on skates for a very long time! At one point, as I raced around the rink, challenging Elizabeth to a race, a very concerned big brother warned me to be careful. He didn't want me to break a bone! :)

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