Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was fun this year... I got lots of pictures! My kids are so grown up and in such a good place in life right now. It makes things fun!

We dyed 3 dozen  hardboiled eggs.

I buy the basic kit and we do a simple egg coloring.


Its tradition and its fun. 

Even Nesiah got into the fun! 


Trying something they saw in facebook... 

A sign of the times... as soon as they were done dying the eggs, the boys begged to eat them. We did not hide any eggs, instead we sat down and chowed! lol
My 9 yr olds each ate 6 hardboiled eggs! 

Easter Sunday.. Jesus is risen. We are so thankful that he died on the cross for us! 

We celebrate his Resurrection with our church family and friends! 

My attempt at a family picture in the cold morning air, right before church! Nesiah was NOT impressed.

We had breakfast at church, as usual there was lots of yummy food and yummy donuts! The kids were delighted.
We had communion and a beautiful Easter service, after which we headed to my friend's house for lunch. We were thankful for the invitation to join their family. 

The yummy food! (stole pic from G. )
We had ham, potatoes, corn, asparagus, pickles, stuffing, jello salad, rolls, and mac and cheese!
Then AFTER the Easter egg hunt we had pies.. lots of pies. pumpkin pie, strawberry pie, cherry pie, apple pie and ice cream!  

Grandma read the kids a story while the adults hid the eggs! 

Where are the eggs?!

There were 14 kids, 12 and under! Miss G hid 280 eggs!!! 

Lets count our eggs!! 

The kids had so much fun! We miss out on a lot of "cousin fun" because all the kids cousins (their age) live in other states, so it was fun for them to be included with these kiddoes! 

They searched and searched... 

Nesiah got the extras from the kids who had found to many! 

We limit our sugar, but today I let the older 3 have lots of freedom. 

They had donuts, pie, ice cream and loads of candy. Yup, my kiddoes who generally eat gluten and sugar free. 

 At dinner time, I gave them permission to eat as much candy as they wanted... an hour later, 2 groaning boys came to me. "It looked so good and was so fun but now,  mom, it hurts so bad."

The entire crew, minus 1. 

Mr. O gave rides in his model T. 

The kids thought it was great fun! 

We had a wonderful day! So thankful for Miss G and her extended family for including us today!

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