Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Breaking Up The Daily Grind

We did another Lego project. The kids really enjoyed it!

This is Lee's burning house and the lady inside is to be rescued by the superhero.  #lovehiscreativity

David made a race car. 

He did a great job of writing after some "encouragement"! 

Fayth made a living room, complete with a crib fr baby and a very large tv... 

The other kids had a hard time guessing what it was! 

Elizabeth was behind schedule and made a quick swimming pool!

Wednesday we joined some friends at the skating rink. 

Fayth decided to try out blades instead of quads.  Elizabeth was trying to help out... 


Look mom, I am a professional skater... 


Lee is doing really well with skating. He flies around and around! This time he did not have sore legs after skating!!

Sometimes this time of year school is a drudgery. It can be hard to stay motivated. But when we have breaks and fun times with friends, it really helps! 

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