Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Most everything I own has a story...

Most everything I have ever bought has been prayed for or bought at some great bargain, sometimes both.
We had long discussed a swimming pool for our backyard but considering we live on the side of a very long hill, there is very little flat area in our yard. So we mulled, dreamed and discussed. Finally decided to check with the landlord to see if they mind if we do some "yard work". They were fine..

So we dreamed some more and started searching craigslist. I found the most amazing deal, practically new swimming pool with everything we need including sand!

Last Saturday we took a road trip to pick up this set up. You never know what you will encounter with craigslist, but I had done a bing map search and the house was in a nice development, so I felt comfortable taking the kids along.

We drove through this cookie cutter development, house after matching house on postage stamp lots.. (I always find the BEST craigslist deals in these kinds of places!) The guy I had been emailing was out in front of his house, he had everything set out for us. It was perfect.

I think he was a little shocked to see a single woman show up with shovels and totes to haul sand and the entire pool set up! My boys happily pitched in with shoveling sand and with some heavy duty tugging, shoving, pulling and pushing we loaded the sand into the van!

Love it that my van can double as a truck with the bonus of a lift!!! 

Unloading the pool... 

Now lets move that sand out... 

More pushing and pulling. Teamwork makes things easier. I am thankful for my STRONG boys! 

You ok there bro?! 

The entire set up! So excited for summer!! 

We are hoping friends will help us level off the spot in the backyard. We are removing the old swingset and putting sand and woodchips down. I want to add a smaller kiddie pool and my hammock and make a nice little hang out spot for this summer! 

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