Saturday, April 5, 2014

Another Cash Project

 Last Saturday the kids begged for cash projects... The basement was an absolute mess, walls needed cleaned, counters needed wiped, toys sorted, closet cleaned out, and floors vacuumed! I offered the job up for $5 a person. I had three takers! This project was HUGE and messy!

There was lots of vacuuming and picking up. There was wall scrubbing and tears.

This kiddoe worked hard and did some serious clean up! But as usual, he made work fun! 

The end is near! The end is near! 

Then the vacuum broke and needed fixing!

The toy kitchen needed a good scrubbing... 

David neatly organized all the bears in the corner beside the dollhouse! 

And it is all clean!! It took a lot of encouragement and a good bit of scrubbing and help from mom to finish this project! But it got done and now our basement is ready for playtime! 

 Our basement is the perfect play area. Sadly tho, the kids will not play down there unless I am down with them. So often our toys and fun are drug upstairs!

The basement is also our "mudroom", so it is often quite messy!

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