Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Field Trip with Friends...

We love visiting this place! We got a membership for the year. Today we met up with friends and hung out for a couple hours. (my friend is a single adoptive mom too, so we love to chat)

Lots of coffee was consumed by this momma. 

My kids thought it would be cool to wear shorts and flip flops... instead of cool, they were cold! 

Nesiah was bored. She did not enjoy this field trip! 

There are all sorts of fun activities. Rolling balls show how gravity works. 

Ping pong balls and blowing air... the boys liked this one! 

Working together to add some extra omph! 

David lets the ball spin around and around.... 

The mommas hung out and chatted while supervising! The thing we love about this place, is the open space. It is an easy place to sit, relax and watch the kids while chatting. The kids love it too! Its a win win situation. Today was pretty packed tho. Normally we can go in and only see one or two other moms. Today there was a constant stream of people.

The weird thing in our day... There was this father with his son. Dad was wearing a bandana, skull jacket, all black clothes, very cleaned up, but long pony tail and wait.... for it.... a huge knife in a sheath.
The kiddoe was like 4 yrs old. He was wearing baggy pants, a skull shirt, had a long pony tail and was wearing a bandanna.  The son got into a tussle with mine over a toy. I warned my son to NOT MESS WITH THAT KID, HIS DAD IS SCARY! ;)  My son just rolled his eyes at me.
Then 10 minutes later he comes over, eyes big, MOM, THAT MAN HAS A HUGE KNIFE!!!!
My friend leaned over and whispered... "that's why your mom said to stay away from the kiddoe"!  My kiddoes made sure to stay far away from that kiddoe after that! But really, why a knife in a kid place?!


  1. Looks like lots of fun! I bet our kids would enjoy it as well.

  2. We love this place! Its so much fun to go to with friends, because the kids can play for hours. If you go during the week, there is usually only one or two other kids there!