Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring time and mommy dates...

Spring seems to be in no hurry to arrive... it is slowly. slowly. getting warmer.
The kids had their spring concert with homeschool choir. We had a picnic at the park. Slowly we are getting into spring routines...

Can I just take a nap?

Playing at the park with friends.

Hanging out

This is 2 blog posts in one... so continue on to part 2. ;)

The other day Fayth and I did a photo shoot at the park. My kids love to be behind the camera....

#reallife moment. I said to the kids, look it's my new boyfriend!! My son replies, mom, you are weird. I don't want a scarecrow for a dad. 

Taking time to smell the roses, er tulips! 

She wasn't so keen on doing the weird things I asked her too. 

What are you doing?!

She liked this crazy scarecrow...

Sometimes in the craziness of life, the middle children need mommy dates... A photo shoot is a great way to connect and hang out. We did the photo shoot, stopped for groceries then Mcd's for lunch. #happygirl

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