Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The beginning of summer this is what my can shelves looked like..
I prayed that God would fill them...
Now We all know that God is a God of miracles but he expects us to do our share in the work. So we have been working HARD!!
 But he provided lots and lots of cheap and low cost produce for us!! 

So far, the 2 different neighbors provided us with free corn because..
1. her husband planted too much corn and she did not want it. We were quite blessed by her extra.
Second neighbor, her friend went on vacation and told her to pick the corn. We got another 100 ears.
Then ANOTHER friend offered us some extra of her corn..
We found cheap organic tomatoes from a local farmer, which we made in tomato soup, tomato paste, tomato juice and salsa. Neighbors also brought us some of their extra which I turned into tomato paste.
On Friday we will go pick MORE FREE tomatoes at another friends and turn those into ketchup and barbecue sauce.
We found some expensive peaches, some seconds peaches and have been canning and freezing as we can. I hope to find more seconds at the end of the season.
My garden has over produced cucumbers, so we have lots of pickles and some pickle relish.
Neighbors gave us free green beans and we bought a basket of green beans.
We canned red beets that we bought from an amish farmer.
We had neighbors bring us watermelon and corn on several occassions for fresh eating.

my shelves are slowly filling and overflowing. My freezers are filling.
God is faithful.

Fun Run

Life is busy.. Summer has been grand... We have played hard and worked hard. 

The kids ran in their first Color Run. 

They ran for an organization called  We help Children at  www.wehelpchildren.org

They had a total blast!! 

It was HOT and STICKY!! 

I could not imagine any fun in being covered by this messy, colorful mess! 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

1 st Race

My kids decided they want to run a 5 mile race. They worked hard at building up their strength. For the past year they have been running laps around the property to earn screentime. So when they decided they want to run a 5 mile race we just expanded their running area. They had exactly 2 weeks to train for their 5 mile race. They would wake me at 6 am and beg to go running. I am not a morning person. at.all.

Honestly, I did not think that they could run a 5 mile race, especially in this heat. But they like to prove me wrong. Jeremiah and Journi are natural born runners. They run with joy. 

The day of the race, I had the girls running together and David was given freedom to run at his own pace. I was rather concerned with giving my preteens the freedom to run 5 miles without an adult. I know the organizer of the race and they reassured me that there were ambulances and police officers everywhere. So I prayed and trusted. (I am learning this is my current stage of parenting. Praying and letting them test their wings)
I had them do a practice run on the route so they could become familiar with the route along with easing my concerns. I generally follow them in the van when they are running outside of our immediate neighborhood. Eventually I hope to join in running but for now I support  them by supporting them.

David was running alone, the girls were running together. I prayed frevently that David would be safe and that if he faltered that God would provide someone to run with him. (we discussed safe adults vs unsafe and how to ask for help etc..) 
He ran strong, finished the 5 miles in 45 minutes. He came in and soon this wonderful lady came up to me. She shared how she had encountered him at the 3 mile mark. He was running out of steam. She ran with him and talked to him the last 2 miles. She was quite flustered when I informed her that she was a direct answer to my prayers! I was so thankfulf that God provided this wonderful person to run alongside David. This random stranger that saw a young boy and sought to encourage him.

The girls came in 15 minutes after Jeremiah. They ran strong. They had  a total blast. It was like 90 degrees out but they totally enjoyed it. The girls came in back to back, 3-4th place for 18 and under girls. Fayth won the 3rd place medal. 

The happy crew after their run. Lee, Bubbie and Nesiah were the support crew. They cheered and  waited patiently in the hot sun. Lee has been a huge help with the little ones as I help the runners etc..

The benefit of running, aside from the obvious self esteem booster and health benefits. Is that one of my kids has been borderline depressed. This child snapped at everyone, everyone complained about the grumpy attitudes from this one. But since this child runs regularly this child is happy, fun to be around and I have not heard anyone complain about their attitude!