Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ambulances and Mcd's... It''s time for summer school

This little lady of mine needs a little extra help this summer. We ditched the traditional curriculum and pulled in some new stuff. This week was the first week of "summer school". 

We did a photo shoot, grocery shopping then stopped at Mcd's for lunch and schoolwork.
We have some challenges not so much learning as behavioral when it comes to school work. I am hoping to catch her up to her age level by the end of summer. Step by step we are making progress! 

She wasn't so sure about doing school at Mcd's but we ended up having fun! 

 We took a field trip to the local Ambulance company... 

Mrs. W showed us all kinds of cool stuff. She was a great teacher and the kids had a blast! 

The boys tried on helmets... 

Mrs. W demonstrated the very cool stretcher! 

The kids had fun sitting in the ambulance... 

I had no idea what this symbol represents.... any none medical people wanna answer?!

My little crew!

This week's field trip was fun and educational. Our goal currently is to find as many free and/or low cost field trips as possible! We are having fun learning new things and getting out of the house! 

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