Saturday, April 19, 2014

Living History...

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon we took a roadtrip to see The Daniel Boone Homestead. They had some special education things and an Easter Egg Hunt. Mr. J and Mrs. C ( honorary Grandparents) offered to go with us to help with the kids. It was the perfect beautiful Sunday afternoon, relaxing with extra hands to help with the younger ones. 

We love the first stop on the tour. Everyone was dressed in period clothing. We could view the house set up just as it would have been back in the day.

Can imagine cooking like this?!

This lady was very informative  and gave us lots of good info on living back in the 1800's.

Check out the baby high chair!

Rope bed and a trundle bed. My kids are really into the Little House on the Prairie books right now, so they were fascinated by seeing an actual trundle bed and a straw tick!

Spinning wheel where she was spinning flax.

Next stop was the blacksmith shop... (interesting tidbit, my dad was a blacksmith when I was a kid)
This guy was making nails.

He had lots of good info for the kids. They listened politely, but they JUST WANTED EASTER EGGS!

 Next step, the barn...

This guy was much more interested in handing out Easter Eggs then giving us any history!

Checking out the sawmill with Mr. J. (Mr. J and Mrs. C accompanied us on this fun trip)


Interesting history facts...

These are the graves of the people who owned this farm after Daniel Boone...

Daniel Boone is one my kids favorite people from history. David who rarely reads, read an entire book about Daniel Boone. The kids can tell you all kinds of info about Daniel Boone that  are not taught in a regular history book.

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