Monday, April 14, 2014

Yard Sale Treasures!

We hit the yard sales last Saturday morning! We had loads of fun! The kids got to spend some hard earned cash and momma was happy to save hard earned cash by buying brandname clothes at yard sale prices!

Yard sale prep is almost as much fun as the actual yardsale.. The night before we laid out, jackets, shoes, and cash. Plus fixed the diaper bag, made sure the stroller was in the car . Breakfast to go was ready in the fridge, the kids went to bed with clean clothes on... (we really are not morning people)

Everything was perfectly laid out. All ready to go. Babysitter for Nesiah was to come at 6 am. 

But a certain child did not cooperate. So I saw every single hour on the clock that night. By 6 am I was just frustrated...  

But we headed out....  Daylight was just breaking. 

We found many good deals... it was so worth the sitter I hired, the early morning hours and the whining tired kids. :) 

We found school books and clothes, lots of nice girl clothes. 

this was my favorite, Lands End boots for $1.50

The kids found treasures... 

This is what David bought with his hard earned cash... 

They all carried their cash in baggies. 

Sketchers for a $1!! 

These are Fayth's treasures! An Easter basket and shoes for her doll. Oh, wait I was just informed these are for teddy not the doll. 

We ended up hitting a second yardsale at a local school and scored some good things there! This has become a great tradition, as we did the same thing last year. I love love finding good bargains and nice brand name clothes for pennies. 


  1. Sounds like you need to invite a few people more people!

  2. :) Next time we will take you too! lol I usually take my Mennonite neighbor in exchange for babysitting!