Friday, April 11, 2014

memory lane.....

Mexico.. fall 2006

Christmas 2006 he loved his nieces and nephews.

hunting was his passion.... Goofiness his personality...

I loved him with all my heart, I loved that he made me laugh. I loved that he lived life to the fullest. I am thankful I had the privilege of  being his best friend.

I am thankful that even tho my children never met him, his legacy lives on in them.
I am thankful that they are excited to go to Heaven someday so they can meet him.
I am thankful for the gift of love he gave me.

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  1. I cannot imagine what it is like to make a life for your children without a father there for them and you! I cannot imagine . . . May God supply all your heart's needs and desires.

    I am interested in talking with you about what you did for your child with aggression. I need tools.