Monday, March 31, 2014

it takes hours and hours, causes lots of tears but is oh so neccassary in our lives....

We decided its time to do hair on Saturday... With African american girls, hair care is constant and takes lots of time! I enjoy it when I have time. But for the past several months I have only done the easiest possible hairstyles. Short haircuts for the two younger ones and microbraids for Elizabeth

The products. My favorite is my own homemade mix. Nothing works quite as well as that mix.
Olive oil is also important. We were out so I used sunflower oil. I learned this trick from my first foster son's grandmother. It really works well on all hair types.

Nesiah, we had started the front last week already.
The goal for her is dread locs. 

We washed the hair and divided it into little box braids. She really does well with sitting still. Now if we could just keep her from scratching them out!

She likes having pretty hair...

Elizabeth loves having her hair done. It is important to her. I took out hundreds of braids and beads and combed it into this little braid style. Neither one of us liked it.
So we decided to straighten it. 

First we took out all the braids, washed it, combed it and oiled it..
Then, Mrs R had told me some time ago, she wished for a little girl to do hair. I so kindly volunteered my daughter. HAHA. 

She blow dried the hair... 

Then painstakingly straightened each section...  It took over an hour!! But they had fun! 

Despite the look on her face, she is very pleased with her hairstyle!! Beautiful long, straight hair! ;) 

 Now Miss Fayth... oh, the torture that hair is for this child. She just wants long blond hair.
She does not like having her hair done. It is not a pleasant experience for anyone..

Before... cute, short, African princess hair style

the first row of box banded hair. There was lots and lots of tears.

The end result... hundreds of tiny puffs in "almost" neat rows.  Our goal is dread locs. Not the messy kind, but the beautiful long kind that do not require combing! Our goal is no more tears! ;)

My 3 beautiful daughters! Gorgeous girls for God!

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