Saturday, March 8, 2014

These Are The Days!

These are the days..

when I lose count of the number of children in my house.
I can't turn on the living room lights because then the couches do not look wolves and bears for the hunters!
everything is turned into a gun.
the boys dominate.
I am surviving on less sleep then I ever thought was possible.
legos are a favorite.
kids spend hours curled up with good books.
even more hours listening to stories.

every evening is dedicated to listening to The Sugar Creek Gang and Adventures in Odyssey
lots of coffee is consumed by momma
lots and lots of food is consumed by the kids.
when the floors are rarely clean.
projects of various kinds are scattered over the house.
baby gates are needed.
the house is never clean.
the laundry is never done
the sink never without dirty dishes
 the van looks like we live in.

I want to savor and remember these days. We are on the cusp of teenagerdom. 

This has been an incredibly long winter... but it has been a time of bonding, connecting with hearts and building relationships.

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