Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nesiah update

The meaning of the name Nesiah is Miracle
The origin of the name Nesiah is Hebrew

She is our gift, always happy and sweet.

Dearly loved by all her siblings, she has taught us much about love and life. 

She has slowly come out of her "shell", she is now interacting and wanting attention.
She can handle crowds and public events so much better then two years ago. 

She is attending school this year. She loves the interaction and all her teachers.
She has made great progress in the last 6 months. I have not regretted sending her, even though it was incredibly difficult to accept that was best for her.

We had fought extensively with insurance companies for a specialized crib and were denied.  The blessing of this amazing bed was a testimony not only to us, but all the caseworkers who had helped us fight the insurance companies. (Having an appropriate bed was a huge deal with CYS when they placed her here) 

This bed was made by an Amish furniture maker in Ohio. He, being the father of a special needs child and knowing my family, donated the the labor and supplies to manufacture this bed. My dad's employer had it stained in their shop, my brothers and brothers in law delivered it to us!

Nesiah gets all her medical supplies delivered to the door, once a month, from a local medical supply office. It is a huge blessing! Briefs and pads are delivered once a month via fed ex. I only contact them if there are changes or mistakes. 

Feeding tubes, complete nutrition shakes, syringes, extensions, mickey buttons, chucks pads and briefs are all important medical supplies!

Nesiah receives all her therapies at school. Occupational, physical, speech  and vision therapy are all a part of her daily routine. 

Nesiah loves being outside and she loves the water! Someday we hope to have a pool here for her.
She has learned to communicate when she is hungry or upset.
We visited a new GI last month, he gave us a goal of removing the g tube in 2 years! We are excited and praising God for His work in her life! Two years ago, the old GI told us she would never eat by mouth and forever have a G tube!

We believe that someday Nesiah will be able to walk and talk again. We have seen the amazing transformations in her life in the past 3 years, love and prayers do make a difference! 


  1. Wow, you have an amazing family and beautiful children! I admire your hard work and dedication to your family.

  2. thank you! Only by the Grace of God! ;)