Sunday, March 16, 2014

The value of hard work and cash..,

I know my kids are responsible and hard workers but sometimes they shock even me with their abilities!

They have been begging for ways to work for money. I only pay for jobs that are normally mine if I can't get to them, or jobs that I hate to do and for that reason won't ask the kids to do them. They had so much energy and were begging for money.  (which they like to spend at Goodwill on toys and books)

Meanwhile I had a pounding headache with nausea.

The beautiful sunshine reminded me that I needed to get my ornamental grasses trimmed. There is a lots of them and I do not like doing this job!

So I offered to pay each child that would work on this project!

Now I have happy children, who are proud of a job well done and cash in their pockets, and a happy momma who doesn't have to cut grasses!

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