Wednesday, June 11, 2014

packing up...

We are going on a vacation... we are going on a vacation... we are going on a vacation..
Packing for a big family is a challenge. Actually I don't mind packing, it's the unpacking and the organizing away from home that drives me crazy.

I have to adjust the way I pack since I have two high maintenance kids. It takes sooo much room!

In the past I had each of the four older kids grab a back pack and pack one outfit per day, plus socks and underwear for each day.
I then packed a suitcase with clothes for myself and Nesiah, then I would pack a bag or two of supplies for everyone. It made for the least amount of luggage and no fighting over clothes etc.. at the destination.

However with 2 kids with lots of diapers, medical supplies and special feeding requirements I have to figure out a new plan.
Instead of several small bags, I packed all special formulas, medications, diapers, wipes, swim diapers, chucks pads, and medical supplies into a big tub. This I packed today...

As usual I made a list for each item that my kids need. However, instead of handing each child a list and a  backpack to pack, I am asking them to bring the items to me. I am going to try something new this year.

I will take one outfit per child per day and roll them up nicely and pack it in one plastic bag, repeat it 5 times  then throw them all into a large suitcase.That gives each person an outfit a day plus extra outfit for each child. (35 outfits if you are counting) I also pack extra pants for Nesiah, as she often goes through more then one pair a day. Pj's, swimsuits, and beach towels will get their own tote. Hopefully this new plan will make for less mess in the motel room and less hassle in loading and unloading the van.

I will also take a tote filled with special books, toys, baby dolls, gloves etc.. each child gets to take one special thing for camp and one thing for the ride there.
It is still tons of stuff, but it will hopefully be better organized then in the past! We do ahve the big van but it can be a challenge to pack things in around the wheelchair securement system and the carseats. 

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