Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 4, carnivals and talent shows...

Finally a good nights sleep. I spend about an hour walking before bedtime, but the rest of the night was totally uneventful and everyone slept until 7 am.
Day 4 was a fun day for the kids! We had our regular breakfast together followed by worship time. After worship time was the ladies tea, which I was unable to attend. The kids had their regular programming followed by lunch then THE CARNIVAL!

Day 4 was a rough day for me.  I spend some time in my room watching a movie while little ones napped.  Then I hung out in the lobby chatting with random people.  I did eventually join the big kids at the Carnival, which had been moved inside due to the rain. The kids were having a total blast as usual!
They had all kinds of fun things for the kids to do!

There were dress up clothes...

A huge bounce house!

There was face painting

The kids had been begging me to take them kayaking! I promised we would go kayaking and to the snack shop for ice cream during our family time.

They had so much fun in the boats and the kayaks.

Even our friend Joan joined in the fun!

Lee helped her paddle her boat loaded with kids!

We ended the day with chicken barbecue and a talent show!
The talent show is my favorite part of the week! So awesome!

The Captians... 4 of my kiddoes were in this group! Thank you Captain Bridget! 

KAOS, This was Lee's group. It was so perfect for him! 

She sang a beautiful song in spanish! 

Another beautiful song was sung. (my tired brain does not remember what it was) 

Another group singing... 

The Burghart girls! Love watching them perform! 

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