Monday, June 9, 2014

Chickens 2 Me 1 I will win...

When we first moved here, there was no garden. however there was this really nice, very large, raised flower bed behind the garage. So i decided that would be my garden!
We moved in early winter, so it wasn't my first worry. But I did dump leaves and scraps on it over winter. I also collected shredded paper which I layered on top. I went out to a horse farm and collected several totes of horse manure which I hauled home in my van...

4 tiny pepper plants

The first spring, I tilled it all up and planted. The chickens destroyed everything.

3 small rows of green beans

That second winter I added leaves and grass clippings. The chickens scratched it up year round. 

The worst corner of the garden.. corn and weeds

I planted using the square foot method. I had high hopes..

tomatoes and potatoes. My little potato patch is BEAUTIFUL! 

The chickens attacked again. Total loss.

Peas and weeds.. with some onions intermingled. 

I tried again that same spring... my zuccini and one tomato plant survived the chickens... 

That summer I got a new landlord who put up a new fence by my barn. A fence that actually contained the chickens!

Broccoli and weeds
This year my garden is THRIVING!!!!!

my quiet garden corner...

We have a huge amount of lettuce and onions already. The peas will be ready soon, along with the green beans.

I planted everything in small little plots, takes less room and less weeding. I covered everything with wood chips. I think I have at the moment the perfect mix of a garden compost.

I have potatoes, corn, green beans, peas, onions, lettuce, both spring and romaine, radishes, cucumbers, zuccini, broccoli, watermelon, peppers, and tomatoes. I don't have large quantities of anything, but just enough for fresh eating for us. It saves us from running to the roadside stands and it gives the kids unlimited fresh veggies. Yes, they go out to the garden and eat produce straight from the plants.

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