Sunday, August 3, 2014

The things kids say...

The things my kids say:
Me: we need to clean this pool out! It looks like a swamp!
Son: Mom, that is Cool! Can we let it go so we can pretend we are swimming in a pond.

Elizabeth cleaned out the cupboard. I come in to find all the contents on the floor in front of the cupboard and she is no where to be found.
When I call her, she pops out of the cupboard.... deep breath and make a choice. "Do I yell or laugh?"
Later when she is all done, I check her work. Complimenting her neat cupboard but questioning her method of organizing... her answer... I left room to hide when we play hide and go seek.

Later: 6 yr old friend stops by to play with the boys. Matia had just combed out her hair. It was in a big afro. Friend takes one look at her and says "Wow, you look scary!".
 (Thankfully it t was said in  way that she did not take offense)

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