Thursday, February 23, 2017

Nesiah Update

This one here.. she is heavy on my heart....
She has been making some amazing progress in life. So many exciting things are happening for her.

Bubbie and Sunshine on the boat (aka chair) looking for sharks, while listening to music with Nesiah.

She pulled herself up on the sink, so that she could slosh in the water, it's one of many new skills she has mastered. 

Fayth loves her well..

Nesiah has been having many seizures. After much discussion via email her neurologist and I agreed to switch up meds. We changed her meds today.. She (and I ) could use some prayers. I think it's hormonal and her gyn is agreeing..

The other day, in the midst of so many worries, I heard this song. I am claiming it for our current journey.