Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Because of Bubbie's allergies and asthma it is often easier to host, rather then go to other people's homes! Thanksgiving was a much anticipated affair. My friend and her 3 kiddoes joined us for lunch. We set the table all nice and fancy.

We served lunch and dinner.  The kids each got to make one dish! Fayth was quite proud of her pumpkin pie!

The kids did crafts, played dolls, and rode horses!

 Even Nesiah had a fun day!

These two are double trouble... they love to play together and fight with each other! I love the holidays with kids!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Random Pictures...

When Sisters play dress up and ask little boys to pose..

We have had some AMAZING sunsets lately! 

Big brother, little brother! 

Sister love...

He loves her... 

She tolerates him... 

Another epic fail... 

Because there is nothing like little boys to add spice to your life!