Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Random Thoughts

My original goal was to write on one specific subject. But reality is, my life is scattered in a million directions. Homeschooling, canning, therapeutic parenting, foster care, medical care, special needs parenting, and Godly living are all things that are important parts of my life...

Today we did a fun day. A day I hope to repeat over and over in the next year. We worked on a schedule. I had made a breakfast casserole last night, which I popped into the oven when I got up at 6, so it was ready for the kids at 7.

We worked in some therapeutic things like a big wrestling match and a bike ride right after breakfast. I was able to add some fun rewards to the day for those who worked quickly. Everything went the way I planned... in my world that is rare.

I love watching my kids sprawled out in the living room and dining room, working on school. They like it too. They share interesting tid bits from their books. They all stop to gather for a certain interesting moment on the math program. There are often breaks for kisses from a snotty faced cutie. I allow the distractions on one condition. All work must be done and checked by 12.

Things went smoothly for the most part.  We have one who dawdles all morning, but we consider it great progress that there is no longer  playing dumb on most days from that one.. But another child stepped in right where the first one left off... We are still working on getting him through the day, we shall try again after a nap.

We have cereal or find your own lunch.. For the first time in weeks I have dinner in the crockpot.  Laundry is working well with my new system...I even got a short nap in and am now blogging. What is happening in my world?!?

I did receive my shelf for the girl's closet, so I should start cleaning out closets and organizing their room.But I do not feel like tackling that today.  The basement is in desperate need of a good organizing too... The tomatoes will be turned into salsa this afternoon. But for the moment I am going to enjoy the quiet.

I love homeschooling. I love being home all day. I love watching my kids learn and their love of learning. It's not perfect. We have complaining and whining. The floors are sticky. The living room has a tent build over the train table.There is still one child's laundry that needs folded. But I have a plan that by bedtime it will all be clean and done. So we can start over again tomorrow. lol
 But there is PEACE in my house. It is a choice I make. A choice to enjoy the good in my children. A choice to embrace the chaos.

We have some pretty big unbloggable stuff coming up. It always brings back memories of previous experiences. I hug my kids tighter, pull them closer and cherish the moments just a bit more.  I remember the battles of years past... I choose to focus on the victories...

Disclaimer; These pictures have nothing to do with the post, except for the fact that they are very random. random

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