Sunday, August 17, 2014


This past week was incredibly stressful and full of "fun". As I reflect over the past week, I am in awe of how God provides. The people he has brought into my life..

We had a last minute Dr appointment. I sent the boys to the landlords and the 3 girls to the other neighbor/friend. (if you know me IRL, you know I am extremely picly about where I leave my children) I have been blessed with neighbors who do foster care and understand why I am so careful.

At the Dr's office, they called the ambulance... I called all the important people from the ambulance... but didn't  call Mrs. B who had my girls until 7 pm, 3 hours after I dropped them off... Yes, she would keep them for the night and yes, she would call Mrs. S and ask her to keep my boys. If Mrs. S couldn't keep the boys she would bring all the kids to my house to sleep.
No cell service, weary and dealing with lots in the ER I gave her 2 instructions. Keep the kids safe and make sure Nesiah gets her seizure meds.  This is what I love about my current support network. They dropped everything and helped. They knew what my kids needed. They were not overwhelmed by my crew or atleast they didn't act overwhelmed. They also know what I expect from my kids so they are not afraid to give them responsibilities.

Also this is important for me, I knew they would ask me to do the same. They never take advantage of us, but they do ask for rides here and there, use of my resources, and we are all in the midst of foster drama.

When we were in the ER, I realized 2 things. 1. I had not eaten since breakfast and it was now close to 8 pm and it was looking to be a long night of sitting at the bedside. 2. My vehicle was still at the Dr's office.
My dear friend (who has bailed me out of more complicated situations) came to the rescue. She drove to my house to get a change of clothes, chargers and my spare key. Unfortunately my house was locked up so she was unable to get those things. But she still drove over 30 minutes to the hospital to bring me food!! She also got my keys so that she could bring my explorer back to the hospital for me. However because it was now close to midnight we were unsure where to park, so she went home and came back the next day. Bless her heart, this momma of 3 kiddoes dropped everything to drive into the city to pick us up and then drove me to my explorer, so I could go home! I am blessed by her willing sacrifices.

I was finally on my way home. More tired then I could remember ever being, I needed to stop at the pharmacy  for meds and then pick up my kids. I called my sitters and they offered to keep the kids longer so I could sleep. After a long nap, I was feeling refreshed and ready to deal with all my kiddoes. Unbelievably my friend who had my 3 girls, including NESIAH! had made dinner for us!! That chili and baked potato dinner was exactly the food I needed!

I was blessed by the people praying for us. The people who emailed and messaged offering to babysit. The mentors willing to come take over childcare if needed. The many people who texted prayers and just stayed in communication with me during that long evening.

I love how God provides. I don't have sisters or a mom to call in crisis. But I have willing friends who will drop everything and help! Who knew this neighborhood would become the support network I need for this season of my life!

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