Saturday, August 16, 2014

I just completed my first online bible study with  Lysa Terkerhurst. We did a study on her book, "Am I Messing Up My Kids".  Lysa is a mom of 5 children, several whom are adopted...

The online bible study was perfect for me as a mom. I could do it at home in the mornings before the kids got up. I got the book on the kindle (on my chromebook) for 2.99. So it was effortless and almost free.

Each Sunday morning we would get our week's assignment and a little video update from the leaders via email. There was also a ` blog with lots of interaction. I am trying to limit my internet time so I did not interact as much on that level.

I love how real Lysa is in her books. There is no condemnation and lots of encouragement in addition to real life mom stories.

I was inspired to be patient, thankful and to remember that we are all human.

During this study they had a contest where we had the opportunity to win Lysa's new book The Best Yes.  I won a copy of it!! I can not wait to receive it and read it!!

I got to enjoy the webcast of the release of her book. It was inspiring and now I need to go read the story of Abigailin the bible.

I love that there are opportunities  that us single moms, parents of special needs, toddlers and/or big families have to be encouraged and inspired.


  1. That sounds like a great study...I should check it out!

  2. there is another starting soon. I think you would like it. She is an adoptive mom. Not a lot of "strong" parenting advice, but def good advice. Let me know if you sign up for it. I did and think it would be fun to compare notes etc..