Friday, September 25, 2015


We had an incredibly fun summer. We spend much time inside during July and August. We did a lot of fun things with our friends. I did not carry my camera with me on regular family days. I wanted to enjoy the moment with my kids. (and keep up with my busy toddler!)
But I do have some fun moments from our vacation.. 

We go on this vacation every year with my inlaws..

Our favorite spot is a lazy, family friendly place with very little activity. 

We ate all our meals in our condos. 

I went shopping at the discount grocery store and bought all sorts of junk that I would normally not allow my kids to eat.. 

Bubbie was wheezing and struggling all week. I was tired and worn out..

So we watched lots and lots AND lots of tv.. we also played a couple games. 

Nesiah enjoyed playing with her whatever things she could find.

Bubbie learned how to play games on his tablet. 

We had a lot of fun, watched to much tv, ate to much junk... but we made memories...

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