Friday, September 11, 2015

Early Christmas Gifts...

 God blessed us with these 2  beautiful horses! 
Misty... calm and gentle. She understands when I tell her to take good care of my kids.

Bubbie likes to eat the Misty's carrots.

When we ride, I prefer to wear him. It keeps him safe and out from under the horses feet. He loves loves the horses and loves that he can be at their head level when I am leading for the big kids.

Even Nesiah got to ride! She was not sure at all about this. The kids were all freaked out but i wanted her to try it! Elizabeth did a great job lead her!

Jake.. I originally only bought Misty but the owners wanted them to go together, so we got Jake too. The kids were super delighted.

Now the story of how God provided all that we needed for these two horses, because well buying the horse is the cheap part!

God provided these 2 extremely tolerant, and extremely old horses for $500. 
He also provided 1 free saddle and 1 saddle for $100. We got 2 free bridles with the horse. But they did not have bits. 
I took a trip to the harness shop, and left with some very disappointed kids! OUCH!! Horse equipment is EXPENSIVE! 
So I prayed for saddle blankets, hay bags, a large water trough and bits for the bridles.
I found on craigslist: 2 complete western (light easy for kids to use) bridles,an english bridle (no bit), 2 saddle blankets, a large water trough, 3 water buckets, 3 hay bags, and 5 lead ropes. for $140!!!!! 
Praising God for caring about every little detail of our lives!

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