Friday, December 19, 2014

The REAL Deal of Christmas...

So I have been working really hard to teach my kids the real meaning of Christmas. I saw this  making Christmas special post by John Piper.. Which really inspired me to outdo Santa and focus on the giving and receiving of gifts at Christmas! 

But alas real life intervened and this week found me dealing with several large unbloggable things. I found myself saying quite frequently "Let's just skip that. I am to tired today". 

Today was especially bad. I had two kiddoes with me at the Children's hospital for the majority of the day for some pretty major appointments. I came home, weary and extremely bogged down with details. 

The kids wanted to watch a Christmas movie or go look at Christmas lights, all I could think was "how many minutes until bedtime". 

Finally it was bedtime. The boys headed upstairs, Nesiah in her bed while the girls took Lady out for her nightly walk. 

They came back inside very quickly  with a big packaged addressed to our family! 

I allowed the boys to come back downstairs to help us open this package. Oh, the joys they found in this box full of goodies!

The most amazing thing, this box of goodies was sent to us by a cousin of my dads. Someone I only ever met once. Someone who lives far away from us.

We had just had a discussion with our advent celebration about the importance of listening to God's prompting in giving of gifts. We were discussing giving gifts to those we don't know. The kids were having a hard time with that one..
When this box arrived from someone who is a stranger to them, someone who listened to the prompting from God, on a day when their momma was to tired to do something extra special.. Sometimes the lesson is in the receiving not the giving... 

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