Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Food Allergy Freezer Meals

We have been rather busy lately. Cooking Bubbie's special meals has become a dreaded task and the child has the worst eating habits! So I went to Facebook for some inspiration!

 I got lots of great suggestions from facebook! I was motivated to make some freezer meals. Because one little boy eats a whole lot less then my 4 preteens. This was actually fun!! Truly it is not a new idea but one of those moments when a tired mom brain feels great relief that someone else had great suggestions!

Bubbie lives on grassfed beef, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, goat milk and wheat. The other kids are gluten intolerant. It creates lots of challenges when cooking.

I made little mini (grassfed, raised by us beef) meatloaves in muffin tins. Then I made a mashed potatoes with locally raised potatoes and goat milk. I froze the mashed potatoes in muffins tins. Then I put one muffin of mashed potatoes, one muffin of meatload and a handful of carrots in a ziplock bag. Perfect meal for my little munchkin!! I made 12 of these meals.

Second I made a batch of Shepherds Pie. Grassfed beef with gravy (goat milk and flour) carrots and mashed potatoes. I froze these in a double serving portion so they can be shared with sissy.

Last but not least I threw some potatoes, carrots, onions and a roast from Ben, the beef into the crockpot, left it cook for hours and hours until it was all soft and yummy. I put these into muffin pans too. It allows me to freeze things in a less messy way. I ended up with a month worth of balanced meals! Sooo freeing! I can not wait to use these meals!

I am also trying to switch Nesiah to a healthier diet while trying to figure out what foods she is reacting to. So I doubled some of the meals so she can have some too.

This way I can cook daily for the 4 big kids and myself. I can pull out freezer meals for the 2 little ones. I will also have ready made meals for those times when Bubbie is a sitter or we get a last minute dinner invitation.  I am always stressing trying to grab something for him to eat when we have pizza parties etc..

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