Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Vacation, Strawberries and Friends

We ended school on June 1. We ended babysitting the next week. June 8th was Nesiah's last day of school. Summer vacation is officially HERE!

Bonfires require meds AND cuddles with Lady for Bubbie.

Guitars and S'mores are requirements for the big kids.

We have been very busy... Lots of running here there and everywhere.

Some pool splashing...

 A little bit of building in preparation of our new animals.

Goofy Chipmunk cheeks..

Strawberries.. lots and lots of strawberries. 100 quarts once all was said and done.

 We got them for 1.50 a quart! So incredibly blessed!

My kids LOVE strawberry smoothies!

We also purchased a bunny rabbit and a goat. We made some new friends and reconnected with old. We have been so incredibly busy that I have yet to see the lazy days of summer! 


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