Friday, June 19, 2015

Allergy Progress

Now that I have freedom to do my research and follow my gut with Bubbie, we have made great progress. I have added lamb broth, probiotics and kefir in attempt to heal his gut. It has been working very well. He also took a very strong antibiotic for his SIBO.
 I truly believe the combination of diet and medicine is working for him.

We have added goat milk, which means: milk, smoothies, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, bread, pudding, cake, cookies have all been added to his diet!

Miss Melody provides us with precious milk. Goat milk costs approx $7 a gallon. It is much cheaper to own and milk a goat. We hope to eventually transition everyone to goat milk, which means NO MORE MAKING SEPARATE MEALS for Bubbie!

Then oh my.. we found So Delicious coconut ice cream at the local bent and dent store. He had his first ice cream at 2 years old! He LOVED it!!

We are almost completely off  that dreadfully nasty alimentum formula! He takes goat milk in his bottle. His GI gave permission to use goat milk, but she said it has the nutritional value of water. :) Never mind that I know many a baby that thrived on goat's milk! I keep a close eye on his weight to make sure he is not losing out.

We also had a chiropractic adjustment, where they found his back to be really locked up. Since his adjustment he has not needed his emergency inhaler once! Despite the humidity and seasonal allergies.

He is still on re flux meds and daily asthma meds. I have become much better at recognizing early signs of allergic/asthmatic  reactions AND protecting him from accidental exposures which has been beneficial to his over all health! Every round of steroids and breathing treatments is so hard on his little body.

His current favorite foods are strawberries, potatoes, smoothies, applesauce, apples, and graham crackers.

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