Sunday, December 28, 2014


Just when I thought we were at the end, the craziness increased. Just in time for Christmas! I have had some pretty amazing moments in the past week. For the moment they are still unbloggable.

But in the meantime.. until I find time to post the 200 some pictures I took for Christmas..

A story from my 10 yr olds.

Setting the scene.. Several weeks ago I found a set of really good walkie talkies on an online yardsale for only $6. My boys love these things, especially when they are on one of their adventures. Certain little fingers like to push buttons and mess things up..

So today the boys left the walkie talkies where little fingers could push buttons. It was switched to a different channel. Suddenly to my boys absolute shock, they were listening in on a conversation.

I explained how it all works and that they must NEVER, EVER speak to someone they don't know.


Son #1 Mom, what if we could use these walkie talkies and listen to Japan. We could find out all the war secrets and tell the army. We would be hero's!

Son #2 What are the Japans?

Me: I think maybe the Japanese would come after you if you listened in on their conversations and shared their war secrets.

Son#1 We would be rich! We could be millionaires. I would buy a house and a car. Mom I would even be rich enough to give you an allowance.

Me: Gee thanks! That is so thoughtful of you

Son #2 What are the Japans?

Son #1 They would never expect a 10 yr old boy to figure out all their secrets. I would listen quietly on my walkie talkies..

Me: (eyes rolling)  explained to #2 what Japan and Japanese is...

The conversation continued for some time.. This is only one of many such conversations my children have. I hope someday they will be able to use this active imagination for some God given purpose!

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