Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hanging Out With My Big Kids

I love hanging out with my big kids. They are growing into quite the fun bunch. They are old enough to have fun conversations and actually hang out with.
Last evening we decided to go out for pizza before attending Saturday night church. My foster momma friend babysat the little ones for us. So we were able to enjoy a nice quiet dinner. 

This is an older picture.. I forgot to grab my camera..
By the time I had the  melting down child, the anxious child and the total care child out the door in the cold rain, I was just happy to have everyone clean and dressed!

We dropped the kids off and took time to meet our friend's newest, little, foster kiddoe, before heading out for pizza... My kids love to eat so eating out is always a huge treat! Especially anything that is not fast food!

We enjoyed pizza at the little pizza shop then headed over to church.  We love the Saturday night option at this church.  It is one way that I can get out, get fed and get recharged.

I love conversations with my kids at times like this. Several of us have ADHD, so conversations can be hard to follow..

This was my favorite conversation..

D: we had fun in small groups at church, they divided the boys and girls.

L: yea we also played this fun game.

E: I liked the video we watched  on the importance of spending time in the Word.

F: When we open the bathroom door, the lady will run out and jump on us and crawl over us and scratch us, because she is so excited to see us.

Me: whaa.. whaaa... what? ( visions of ladies leaping out the bathroom door)

E: yes she will be so excited to see us.

L: I feel bad she had to stay in the bathroom while we went to church.

Apparently the conversation had switched from church to Lady the dog.

The funny thing is, no one is phased by our conversations. They are all entangled and twisted... they come up with  the most interesting conclusions to things. Sometimes I think it's my fault, because my brain works that way, other times I blame their ADHD.

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