Sunday, August 10, 2014

Corn Day

Monday Morning, bright and early we picked up 300 ears of corn, husked and ready to go! I was really dreading this project, but the  kids love corn and I am trying to cook healthy food, year round. 

The kids were excited. I asked the boys to pose with the corn before we started.. They thought they looked homeless.

The boys cleaned off the first 100 ears for me..

We cooked the corn in these big pots. I am "storing" this giant stock pot for a friend and have been incredibly thankful for it more times then I can count! 

We had a second pot with cold water and a cooler with cold water sitting outside. When the water boiled in the big stock pot, we added the corn and allowed it to boil for 2 minutes. Then we took the corn out of the stock pots and dropped it in the cooler with cold water.

After cooling the corn for 5 minutes we cut it off the cob. We had a knife (for me) and a creamer (for the kids). We were able to get it all done much quicker then I ever anticipated. The kids worked well.

Each child had an assigned task. Sometimes they had down time... in which they ate corn. lol The boys and Journi each ate 6 ears of corn in the time we were doing corn. 

After cutting the corn off the cob, we scooped it into quart sized freezer containers. Which we then place in the freezer for eating this coming winter!! 

Corn is messy. Corn is hard work. Corn is yummy! ;)


  1. you gotta help if you wanna eat! lol There is scripture about that! lol