Sunday, July 27, 2014

VBS #2

We love VBS week at our church! This was a big year, we build a Tabernacle and learned lots about it!

The best part for momma? I don't have to cook all week! We have VBS 5 nights, dinner is served each evening for all the helpers. The kids loved the yummy dinners!

These pictures are in a random order... So bear with me! 

This is the last evening, we did our worship time in the side yard... The kids love the songs and dances they learned this year! 

We have several stations set up for kids to do activities.  Also in the middle of this area is the roped off spot for the Tabernacle. 

Miss J singing her heart out. She has an amazing gift and the kids love singing with her. 

When she is not singing, you may just find her talking to the donkeys..

Lee's group was working on the cloth that covered the tabernacle. 

Elizabeth was cutting herbs.

They worked hard and fast to build this really cool but unusual tabernacle! 

Adding some finishing touches...


The finished product. It was really cool!!

"Moses" leading the first Israelites on a tour of the Tabernacle. 

The High Priest blessed each of the kids as they walked through the door..

The boys had some questions for Moses.  I love this picture.

Now Part 2: which is really the night before Part 1. lol 

They brought in the most adorable little animals..

Someone had created this beautiful mountain and each evening the kids would gather here for story time, first with "Caleb" then with "Moses". 

A miniature Tabernacle built by the Junior Youth Group. 

We had a lot of rain, so many of our activities ended up being inside! 

The kids helped paint the pieces of the Tabernacle. 

The 3 of us spend alot of time hanging out in the nursery!! 

The baby chickies...

They had an excellent teaching and an amazing vbs this year. I spend the majority of my time in the nursery, because some of my kiddoes do not tolerate the heat well at all. I missed out on most of the storytimes, but the kids really enjoyed it and hopefully will remember this for a long time!! 

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