Monday, July 28, 2014

It's a boys life..

Someone turned ten.. and it was his lucky day! I found this really cool bike at a yardsale 2 days before his birthday! His love language is gifts, so birthdays are fun for him!

David is happy go lucky child. Life is always good. He does everything with enthusiasm and a sparkle in his eye.

He is the first one to hug a hurting person or do a kind deed for someone. He is all boy, impulsive crazy and just full of energy.

He wanted suspenders for his birthday, so I bought him a pair of suspenders. lol He was quite the happy boy, riding his chopper wearing jeans and suspenders (just like his little mennonite friend)

For birthdays we do a family fun/memory day instead of birthday parties. David chose to go to the park to ride his new bike. Grandma joined us for lunch and he made some new friends at the park who had fun playing!

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