Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First Day of School 2014

School is officially in session!
So I decided I wanted first day of school pictures, but because I am not  a fan of the boring, traditional pictures, I decided to do "in the moment pictures".

Lee, Grade 5  He likes his privacy... 

David Grade 4

He is  very social and moves from room to room. I allow him this freedom as long as his work gets done. It actually works better then expecting him to stay in one spot.   

Elizabeth Grade 4
She is an independent learner and works at her own pace, often working double the assignment. 

Fayth continuing Grade 2

She is easily distracted and works best if given strong boundaries and asked to stay sitting at the table or on her bed. 

I let the kids choose  2 subjects they wanted to start today.
Lee chose math (with great delight!) and reading. (he sat down and read half his textbook before I caught on to what he was doing)
David chose language arts and spelling.
Elizabeth chose the same.. but did 2 lessons on each one.
Fayth, is continuing with 2nd grade and trying hard to reach the end by the end of the year, so she worked a full load.

I love the excitement of new books. I love the new curriculum and I am glad that I seem to have overcome the dread I had at having to start school again!

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