Sunday, March 16, 2014

The value of hard work and cash..,

I know my kids are responsible and hard workers but sometimes they shock even me with their abilities!

They have been begging for ways to work for money. I only pay for jobs that are normally mine if I can't get to them, or jobs that I hate to do and for that reason won't ask the kids to do them. They had so much energy and were begging for money.  (which they like to spend at Goodwill on toys and books)

Meanwhile I had a pounding headache with nausea.

The beautiful sunshine reminded me that I needed to get my ornamental grasses trimmed. There is a lots of them and I do not like doing this job!

So I offered to pay each child that would work on this project!

Now I have happy children, who are proud of a job well done and cash in their pockets, and a happy momma who doesn't have to cut grasses!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nesiah update

The meaning of the name Nesiah is Miracle
The origin of the name Nesiah is Hebrew

She is our gift, always happy and sweet.

Dearly loved by all her siblings, she has taught us much about love and life. 

She has slowly come out of her "shell", she is now interacting and wanting attention.
She can handle crowds and public events so much better then two years ago. 

She is attending school this year. She loves the interaction and all her teachers.
She has made great progress in the last 6 months. I have not regretted sending her, even though it was incredibly difficult to accept that was best for her.

We had fought extensively with insurance companies for a specialized crib and were denied.  The blessing of this amazing bed was a testimony not only to us, but all the caseworkers who had helped us fight the insurance companies. (Having an appropriate bed was a huge deal with CYS when they placed her here) 

This bed was made by an Amish furniture maker in Ohio. He, being the father of a special needs child and knowing my family, donated the the labor and supplies to manufacture this bed. My dad's employer had it stained in their shop, my brothers and brothers in law delivered it to us!

Nesiah gets all her medical supplies delivered to the door, once a month, from a local medical supply office. It is a huge blessing! Briefs and pads are delivered once a month via fed ex. I only contact them if there are changes or mistakes. 

Feeding tubes, complete nutrition shakes, syringes, extensions, mickey buttons, chucks pads and briefs are all important medical supplies!

Nesiah receives all her therapies at school. Occupational, physical, speech  and vision therapy are all a part of her daily routine. 

Nesiah loves being outside and she loves the water! Someday we hope to have a pool here for her.
She has learned to communicate when she is hungry or upset.
We visited a new GI last month, he gave us a goal of removing the g tube in 2 years! We are excited and praising God for His work in her life! Two years ago, the old GI told us she would never eat by mouth and forever have a G tube!

We believe that someday Nesiah will be able to walk and talk again. We have seen the amazing transformations in her life in the past 3 years, love and prayers do make a difference! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring is coming...Spring is coming...

The plane has provided much fun entertainment and frustration.

Lee had a gift certificate to Goods. He purchased this plane, after much dreaming.

He has tried various ways to get this Styrofoam creation to fly, quite frequently resulting in wings and tails breaking off. Glue was used numerous times. 

His latest idea... attach two pieces of black yarn and have it work similar to a kite. 

They ran and threw the plane, that didn't go so well. 

They tried for quite for some time, with no success..

Final result, short pieces of yarn and large pieces of styrofoam do not make a good kite.
However trying this out proved to be lots of fun!