Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Serving Jesus...

Once a month we traipse into the local town and serve lunch at the Homeless Shelter. 

The view driving up to the shelter.. 

This street is mostly apartments where people who have a need for stable housing while they transition from homelessness can stay. 

This month we took food once a week but did not serve every time, since I can not take the littles along and it is hard to find regular sitters. 

the view from the parking lot

It always amazes me that less then 20 minutes from my house, there are people who live in such hopeless poverty. 

We see many mentally ill people, old people, young people, families, women, and men from all walks of life. Most people are incredibly grateful and thank us repeatedly.  My kids are most impacted by the tearfilled thanks and comments like "that is just like my mom or grandma used to make" when we make things like homemade mac and cheese or warm cookies.

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