Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fresh Air Fun

This summer our family decided to try a new adventure. We are working on serving Jesus in our home. We want to make a difference in the world. We can not travel over seas, we can not adopt more children, we choose not to do childcare in this season... but I wanted to do some sort of short term outreach this summer. I want my kids to learn to be uncomfortable in the gospel. To reach beyond their little bubbles, to help even when it means sacrifice. I also want them to learn how to share Jesus. 

So we opened up our home for 10 days to a little Lady from the Bronx N.Y. 

It was with much prayer and discussion and a little bit of apprehension that we signed up for Fresh Air Fun.

Miss M came to us on a Friday night. She was quiet and respectful. Totally in awe of this new world. She had never been out of the city. 

She thought it was the grandest thing when we built a little fire and roasted marshmallows. 

We had incredibly high temps so we had to stay home and make our own fun the first couple days.

Once it cooled off the end of the week, we did some jobs like cleaning out our garage and making homemade sourdough pizza.

We invited our friends and had a fun day at the local lake. 

We introduced her to all our animals. She was a brave little soul until one day Daddy Rabbit accidently splashed some stinky stuff on her when she was petting him. 

My lil country girl had so much fun teaching Miss M how to milk goats. 

We tried to make as many fun, simple, free memories as posssible. 

There were some tough moments in the week. Some of my children struggled to share their home with a stranger, who became like a sister. Some struggled to sleep and some got up to early. There was a need for a high level of supervision and that took a lot of my energy.
But in the end we got to talk to her about Jesus, we got to share our every day boring live with her. It was quite interesting to my kids that a child who has TWO smart phones would want to spend 10 days at their house for her summer vacation!!

We miss her and hope to see her again next year. It was def an experience worth repeating. 

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