Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Homeschool Art

Several weeks ago, we decided to take a fun day off.  Shopping, lunch and art class was on our agenda~ 

First we headed to Target. Now I rarely shop in stores with all my kiddoes. It is just not easy and I really do not enjoy shopping. So target is a rare treat for my kids. I had some returns to make then we browsed for a bit. 

After Target we met up with a friend at a local Spanish restaurant to try out their empanadas! We had a quick lunch before heading to the homeschool art class just down the street. The big kids had a total blast. Bubbie was not impressed. He was tired and cranky. Sitting quietly was not happening! 

The kids really enjoyed their painting time!!
We finished off the day with treats from a yummy bakery!! We have been working hard on sticking to a budget so not much fun has been happening. But I showed the kids the benefit of saving, as we pulled out our "fun" envelope and splurged on a fun day with no guilt!! 

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  1. The paintings look great! What a fun day! And I LOVE Scratch Bakery. It doesn't help that it is 5 minutes from my house- it is always tempting me! ;)