Tuesday, January 19, 2016


We had a fun, normal, low key Christmas. Such an amazing blessing compared to the stress of last year. 

We were blessed by so many people over the holidays! A friend's family brought the kids all new shoes and pjs. They stayed for dinner and games. The kids were so happy for their new friends and their blessings! 

Lee made this star for me! The picture is rather crappy but I was very tickled with the star! He used scrap wood and small nails to create it off a pinterest image. 

This picture portrays our Christmas season. So much fun, so much down to earth, not really perfect but good, quality family time.

We did not focus so much on gifts this year, we did not take much time off school. We just hung out and had lots of fun over a lot of days. We did fun things with friends, we watched movies and made memories. Taking pictures was not on the top of my priority list! 

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