Tuesday, October 27, 2015


We live in a country where we can have an opinion, a voice in making laws and the freedom to advocate for those things which we feel strongly about. I happen to feel strongly about people killing babies! So I was excited when an opportunity came up for us to "do something"!

The kids and I were blessed to be able to volunteer with the Pa Family Institute and Council.

We took a stack of signed petitions to the Capital.

 We were blessed to meet several state representatives.

This was a new experience for us. It proved to be quite the interesting day! We did a lot of wandering around, trying to figure out what we were trying to do.

We believe not only in advocating for the unborn, but also fighting for the children who are born!

This is what I posted on my facebook page after our day at the Capitol.
I am not into politics. I understand very little... I tend to think that government is all corrupt. But I am a firm believer in doing what God calls us to do. I want to teach my kids to change the world. Today I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone. The highlight of my day was my conversation with our local representative, David Zimmerman. 
1. His chief of staff got so excited when she saw what we were doing. She had all kinds of questions and kept saying "we are working so hard on our end to defund planned parenthood". She wanted us to hang around until he came back from his session so we could talk to him. 
2. When we finally met him, he invited us to go up to the house floor. You can only go with an "important" person. It was such an honor.
3. David Zimmerman shared that defunding planned parenthood was a passion of his before ‪#‎defundpp‬ was the in thing. He explained to me the plan they are currently putting together to defund PP. 
4. He told us the story of his son and wife adopted their daughter from Uganda. 
5. He thanked us profusely for being an encouragement in defunding planned parenthood. (I actually felt a little guilty cause all we were doing was passing out petitions that others had done all the work on) 
6. He gave us some educational materials to watch.
I say all this to encourage you to step out... encourage those who are fighting for God's Truth in our government..

We  walked from 10:15 until almost 1 pm, handing out petitions.

My children were STARVING! We had packed a picnic lunch but it was in the car, 3 blocks from the Capital. These kids had walked and talked, handing out petitions without complaining for hours. So we stopped for Chicken Gyros!

This day was one of the most amazing of my career as a homeschool mom. It was very educational not only for the kids, but for mom!

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  1. Awesome! What an amazing thing for you and your kids to do. I am sure it was a great day!