Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Two Hours In the Life of A Homeschool Mom.

All I really wanted to do was clean my kitchen. 
So I started running water in the sink.. 
But then I thought I should check on Bubbie before I start

On my way to check on Bubbie, Lee needed help with his math.
I checked on Bubbie..
Then Elizabeth needed help with her Science. 

I picked up a couple things on the floor that needed to be put away, then headed back to my kitchen. Only to realize that I needed to check on Bubbie again.
But first, a quick stop to help Lee again.
Finally, I am back in the kitchen. I realize that my fridge is a mess, so I pull out some things and start cleaning. Somehow... I manage to knock down a shelf and busted a jar of sweet peppers, all over my kitchen floor. 

I start cleaning it up, but Fayth needs help with math. After answering her questions, I head back to my VERY messy kitchen floor.. I am almost done wiping, Fayth has another question, Bubbie comes into the kitchen sporting "pretty" blue fingernails. So I stop to redirect him..

I finally have the floor mopped. But now the floor is wet, the fridge is half done, lunch is not started and the counters are a mess. 

I take a moment to sit down and plan lunch and dinner.
David brings me his school books, he needs to redo some work. so I send him back to his room to redo it.
Bubbie comes to cuddle with me, I check his breathing and kiss his boo boos.
David brings me the book he just corrected, he has several questions.
Bubbie wants me to read a book.
But first I must give him a breathing treatment and turn on the a/c. (that he has turned off for the 100th time!)
I finally read Ruben's Wants A Treat to Bubbie, who now wants crackers and milk.

David needs more help with his school work.
My phone rings... I ignore it, so that I can complete a list of things I NEED to accomplish today. 

After completing my list, making sure everyone is set with school work and Bubbie is happy. I decided to return the phone call to my friend, while I do a quick clean up of the bathroom. I chat  while wiping down toilets and sinks, and redirecting Bubbie and David, until my phone battery dies..

I help Bubbie ask Fayth to help him get his animals and barn set up for play time.
Elizabeth has a science question and David has now pushed me to my limit...
So I take a small facebook break and read the posts of all the moms who send their kids to school. :)
Now Lee needs help with one last math problem.

 It is also 11:30. I quickly clean the fridge and the counters while the kids finish up school. I decide that lunch is find your own. Dinner will be chili. I pull out roasts for tomorrow's dinner too.
 I count the minutes until 1:00 when I can lie down with Bubbie for a LONG nap! 

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