Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Staycation 2015"

I did not carry my camera everywhere on this vacation. The pictures I did get were few and far between. The extra space in my bag was traded in for breathing meds etc.  I was determined to make the most of this vacation and focus on the kids...

Day #1 we were home in the morning, watching movies, hanging out, and finished up packing (for our then canceled vacation)
We took Nesiah to our friend's, intending for her to stay for the week. 
We had Chinese for dinner and watched a Mandie movie.

Day #2 of vacation we made the decision to NOT go to Williamsburg. Read my previous posts for our reasons..
We ended up at a friend's for lunch and snowmobile rides. 

Day #3 We decided to make the most of this "staycation". We visited The Turkey Hill Experience. The kids absolutely love that place and are already begging to go back! We also stopped to pick up Lady and all of Nesiah's stuff, as she was coming home on the bus. (Nesiah goes to school so she is often on a different schedule from our homeschool schedule)

Day #4,  Day 3 had been rather exhausting for the sick one and for momma, who was running on fumes. So day 4 was an easy day. We went to the library, where everyone got a stack of books and  some movies. We had a fun day watching movies. (Normally I only allow movies on rainy days or when I need a break, never, ever all day movies. So this was a huge treat!)

Each evening one kid would chose what they wanted to make for dinner from the special food we had purchased the week before! We had some fun treats that are normally not on our gluten free, sugar free menu! 

Day #5 We watched movies in the am. After lunch we packed up and headed out to Sight and Sound to see Moses! We have been trying to get over there for almost a year, so this was fun and highly anticipated day! 

Day #6 We headed out to our favorite little creative reuse shop. Lancaster Creative Reuse! We had fun making crafts and using our imaginations! We stopped by Chik Fil A for ice cream treats on the way home! 

Day #7 we had planned to clean our house, do some laundry then go to Herr's Pototae Factory, but I sorta messed that one up. So we were unable to go. Instead I let the kids choose what they wanted to do after our cleaning was done... The boys chose to set up their tent in the yard and "pretend" camp, while the girls painted nails and watched movies.

Day #8 our last day of vacation! We did our normal Saturday morning, pancakes and Adventures in Odyssey. I had made arrangements for my friend to watch the 2 little ones in the evening, so we could go out for dinner and Saturday night church! This is one of our favorite Saturday night traditions.

We had sandwiches and ice cream at Udder Choice, then off to church! It was such a good message following the week I had. The perfect way to end a #makinglemonade staycation.

In the end the kids all agreed that this was a great vacation and that they all had a great time! 

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