Friday, March 27, 2015


We so enjoyed recharging on our staycation.

We are getting deep into schoolbooks, trying to hurry through our books. This year was one of the best homeschooling years ever. I love the curriculum we are using. It is thorough and easy to for the kids to do on their own. It teaches lots of basic fundamental skills etc.. However, it does not flow easily with our "go with the flow" schedule and I am struggling with how to wrap up the year.

Someone washed my camera in the bathroom sink.. I think that possibly with the help of a bowl full of rice, it may work again.

We are so wishing for warm weather. We are itching to get outside. I did rake up sticks and weeds in the yard tonight. I spring cleaned my basement and am thinking of starting upstairs. But I need sunshine for motivation!

We purchased a baby goat named Daisy. She is the cutest little thing and loves to run and play with the kids.

Life is slowing down. We had no appointments this week, altho I did have to take the mini van to get a tire fix. I also had to get a new drivers license. But other then that we have been home, doing school, babysitting, hanging out.

My son wants to go hiking on the Appalachian trail. So he is currently "training".  I am proud of his willingness to work hard.

Sometimes homeschooling is extremely frustrating and I feel like certain children of mine will never ever catch up. I think I shall ship them all off to private school. But then I talk to my friends who have kids in private school and I decide that I would rather have my own problems.

April is coming up.. It is always a bittersweet month. We are currently praying for another April miracle.

I am sooo dreaming of summer already. We will not do fulltime babysitting but will keep enough hours to cover what we need. We will be doing summer school for Nesiah and summer camp for the others.. Now if I can just coordinate all their schedules I may have some free time.

But first before summer, all 6 of my kids have medical or dental appointments. I like to get all the major appointments for everyone, out of the way before summer. July and August should be completely free of scheduled medical appointments.

These are the ramblings of my mind. No major drama this week, no major appointments, no major anything. My life feels downright normal!

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