Thursday, September 18, 2014

School and Schedule

Each day brings a new challenge, on some days it's each hour bringing a new challenge.

We seem to have the home maintenance well under control. My kids like a posted schedule. I have several goal oriented kids. They like knowing what is expected each day. They are pretty good at going with the flow when schedules change as long as the basic schedule stays the same.

This year I have 4 jobs each day and it seems to be working well. The goal oriented ones work well through each one and there is minimal nagging needed. The other's usually need no more then one reminder.

The school work load. Now that is a different story. We are rather relaxed homeschoolers. We have focused on healing emotions/trauma while working on the basics of education. We have come so far. But this year, this year I had big ideas. Workbooks. School that requires dedication and shows results. Lot's of reading and learning new things.

It's going fairly well for my readers, my kids who explore the whole world by reading. My one who doesn't read, yea it's an uphill battle. We are doing upwards of 5 hours of school every day. I. can. not. deal. with. that.  
We spend 15 minutes trying to work through the instruction "draw a line through the sentence" today. Yes, this is my 4th grader. I would appreciate some heavy prayer. ;)

We dropped co op. Sadly our babysitting job interfered with the schedule,  it kept changing and keeps changing. I struggled fiercely with this one. It was to be our out.. But once I made the decision and said no, I felt like a 100 lb weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was immediately filled with peace. It was the right decision.

Babysitting.. I am driving to the local public school each day, waiting in the kindergarten line to pick up kiddoe and bring her back here until her momma gets off work. Her momma has some health challenges and that has effected our schedule tremendously. Kiddoe is sweet and Fayth is in HEAVEN, with another little princessy here! They play nicely for hours.

Fostercare and health challenges continue to throw us curve balls. We continue to persevere in prayer.

We have a full day of Wednesday appointments, a day at home on Tuesday and Thursday, and trip to the city on Friday. Kids are going to a local amusement on Saturday with mentors. It looks to be another crazy busy week.

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