Monday, September 8, 2014


  We were invited to our friend's 16 birthday! Miss C is our "Mother's Helper". She often goes with us on day trips and appointments to help me keep everyone corralled etc..she is an excellent helper, quiet, sees the need and steps in when needed, helps with big kids and little kids. Oh, I can only hope to teach my girls to be helpers like this!  
Fayth was delighted with her $2 Goodwill dress and received many compliments!

Lee wanted to go with a wolf look... this was about as dressed up as he will get. $5 Goodwill outfit

David wanted a white suit with a white tie. This was his compromise. Ignore the fact that he is wearing flipflops. We forgot to get him dress shoes. his was another $5 goodwill outfit. 

Elizabeth had originally bought a purple dress and a beautiful shear lace sweater.  $4 outfit...
But then I found this blue dress for $2. She chose to wear that with leggings we already had. 

The birthday party was at a local golf course. We left the littles with a friend so that the big kids and I could have a fun night out! I can not rememeber the last time I got dressed up to go out for anything other then church or court hearings ! 

We loved the message in a bottle idea...

The beautiful fancy table. We had to have a long talk about appropriate manners etc.. I loved that my kids had this amazing opportunity to practice good manners and eating out. 

Lee was proud of his table manners and mom was happy that all those times of teaching did really reach his brain! 

Just so you know we didn't make perfection.. even tho it was close. :) 

The birthday girl and her friends! 

They played a game called musical balls. My boys won the prize! 

The Birthday girl herself!! 


My kids were thoroughly disappointed that we had to leave early to pick up the littles, They didn't know all the dances but learned quickly! I had told them before we left, when in doubt, watch what  others do. :) 

It was a fun night out for us. We so rarely dress up and go out, this was a very special treat.

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