Thursday, February 27, 2014

Homeschool writing

My kiddoes, especially the boys are not fond of writing. It is torture.
But then we found these free lego writing prompts.
The kids had so much fun.
(yes, we wear pj's all day on cold winter days)

Elizabeth made a limo.
Each child made a lego structure in secret.

 David made a giant cabin.

They wrote 4 sentence clues, using capital letters and proper punctuation.
They had to present their item and description to the group. 

Lee made a really cool houseboat.
Their siblings had to guess what their project was supposed to be.

Fayth made a giant pool. 
After the item was guessed correctly, they had to write a paragraph on who guessed their project. 
It was a simple, basic writing exercise that they enjoyed. Did you catch that? They enjoyed it!! Writing... They enjoyed it! 
Did you hear the angels singing?!!? 

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