Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Homeschool P.E

The boys have been running at the local Rec Center's running club with their favorite coach, Mr. B. Who also happens to attend our church. 

In October Mr. B had arranged a race for the elementary kids at Nesiah's school.
Lee, David and Elizabeth all ran in the race. I believe each one ran 1/2 mile.

David came in the top 4 for his grade. He advanced to Regionals at the high school several weeks later.
Elizabeth did great in the girls division! 


Lee was strongly encouraged by Mr. B to run this race. It was a huge challenge for Lee. He is not naturally a runner. He has to work very hard at this particular sport.
He ran and he persevered. He wanted to give up, but he did  not. He gave it his all and was able to finish the race. I was very proud of his perseverance and determination. 

(Before the race)

David is a natural. He runs like the wind. I am green with envy.

He got to run with many, many kids at the high school.
He did a great job. But learned that running is more then speed. 

(after the race)

David and Lindsey, on the day of the Regionals.

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